30 years of experience and commitment in the textile market


Specialized in the production of garments for woman, man and child


In our company there is no room for basic and common.

About us

History and long experience of over 30 years gives Atilano the know-how, accuracy and quality taking the textile sector to the next level.

The quest for total customer satisfaction and high standards of quality are the company’s priorities, distinguishing it in the sector by its “sense of fashion”.

Do not be satisfied with anything less than the best.

In our company there is no room for basic and common. Atilano is constantly looking for ways to improve, not only its processes and skills, but also the engagement with the company’s clients. In that sense, our mission is to provide satisfaction and to reach customer loyalty.

The world does not stand still; neither do we.

Evolution is the company’s watchword, where the growth and updating of skills are visible. With a great commercial ambition, Atilano intends to continue its growth on national and international markets.

Know the social and environmental responsibility of Atilano

We are versatile, so we work in different fashion segments.

From casual to sportswear, our versatility enables us to achieve new markets.

Today, we work with some of the most prestigious brands in the European market.

Contact us

Rua Domingos António Lopes Oliveira
Zona Industrial Guardizela/Gandarela
Pavilhão 8/9
4665 - 143 Guimarães
Telephone: (+351) 253 561 511
Fax: (+351) 253 563 195